I would love to be your photographer. I've been both in front of and behind a camera since before I can remember. Capturing genuine smiles and creating photos that will be passed down for generations is my passion. I love when my clients see their photos for the first time and truly see their beauty and light come through the images. I can't wait to hear from you and to create and capture those photos you've been dreaming of.


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September 28, 2016

Abbey WCC 2017

This session was an enchanting dream. The mist on the lake, the sun slowly rising above the trees to give a golden glow, it was all so magical. Take a look at some of my favorite images from Abbey’s water themed senior session!


I mean really, just look at that location! Stunning.

abbey-knowlton-wcc-2017-2 abbey-knowlton-wcc-2017-3 abbey-knowlton-wcc-2017-4 abbey-knowlton-wcc-2017-5 abbey-knowlton-wcc-2017-6 abbey-knowlton-wcc-2017-7 abbey-knowlton-wcc-2017-8 abbey-knowlton-wcc-2017-9 abbey-knowlton-wcc-2017-10 abbey-knowlton-wcc-2017-11 abbey-knowlton-wcc-2017-12 abbey-knowlton-wcc-2017-13 abbey-knowlton-wcc-2017-14 abbey-knowlton-wcc-2017-15 abbey-knowlton-wcc-2017-16 abbey-knowlton-wcc-2017-17 abbey-knowlton-wcc-2017-18 abbey-knowlton-wcc-2017-19 abbey-knowlton-wcc-2017-20 abbey-knowlton-wcc-2017-21 abbey-knowlton-wcc-2017-22 abbey-knowlton-wcc-2017-23 abbey-knowlton-wcc-2017-24 abbey-knowlton-wcc-2017-25 abbey-knowlton-wcc-2017-26 abbey-knowlton-wcc-2017-27 abbey-knowlton-wcc-2017-28 abbey-knowlton-wcc-2017-29 abbey-knowlton-wcc-2017-30 abbey-knowlton-wcc-2017-31 abbey-knowlton-wcc-2017-32 abbey-knowlton-wcc-2017-33

Beautiful girl, I wish you the best of luck in your senior year and beyond!

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  1. Pat says:

    Beautiful setting for a beautiful girl! Love the variety of poses and the way her personality shines through!!

  2. Chuck says:

    Ditto! Her parents should be really proud. Great shots!

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