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Behind the scenes of a photoshoot in a greenhouse

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June 24, 2019

Choosing the Best Season for Your Family Photos

     We are so lucky here in Michigan to experience all four seasons (sometimes all in one day!). And surely if you’ve lived through enough of all four seasons you probably have a favorite. But which season is best for your family portraits? I’m going to walk you through the pros and cons of each season and maybe help you decide which is best for you and your family!
Keep in mind, once you’ve decided which season is for you and your family, schedule your family session the season before to ensure you get the date and time that works for you!


Family photos in the greenhouse at HillTop Greenhouse and Farms
Spring in Michigan is my absolute favorite season!! But it can be tricky for portraits (hence why the photo above was taken indoors at the beautiful HillTop Greenhouse). Let’s go over the pros and cons:

Cons: Spring in Michigan is completely unpredictable, especially early spring. Snow, rain, freezing temperatures or melting in the first 80’s of the year, you can never be guaranteed what mother nature will throw at you. Sometimes the grass is still a little brown, and in early spring the leaves haven’t sprouted yet in the trees, still looking bare. It can also be a very busy time for families with school aged children as the year is wrapping up and school events and projects are in full swing.

Pros: As everyone is coming out of winter hibernation most photographers aren’t as fully booked yet, so finding a time (and then even finding a rain date if the weather doesn’t cooperate) is often easier than later in the year. You can also get those big beautiful spring blossoms on the trees, or later in the gardens and with that soft golden hour light those photos can be stunning. The timing of the photoshoot can also be a little later in the morning, or earlier in the evening while still getting that golden hour glow because the sunrise and sunset times aren’t so dramatically early or late – giving that golden glow at a more reasonable hour for you and your family.


Summer family portraits outdoors at a beautiful Michigan park.
Summertime in Michigan is a favorite of all those who love the lakes and those hot bright summer suns. But there are pros and cons to booking summer portraits sessions just as any other season.

Cons: Vacation schedules. Most families in Michigan, especially with school aged children are working around vacation schedules. Weekends are often booked for photographers with weddings and events and you must book as far in advance as possible to get a good date and time that works for you. Be sure to bring sunscreen and bug spray, and be careful not to get a sunburn right before your session!

Pros: You have more outfit choices as the early mornings can be a bit chillier, but later in the day is nice and toasty. Flowers are in bloom, grasses are green and lush, and the kids aren’t in school giving you a little more flexibility in booking a session time around your vacations.


Beautiful fall golden hour family portraits with fall leaves around the whole family.
Fall is the busiest season of the year for photographers, it’s a love/exhausting relationship we have with the season. Not all states have the beautiful fall color that Michigan does, but it’s not always the ideal season you might think it is.

Cons: Fall color is at its very brightest for about two weeks, very often within the first two weeks of October. However, October is actually the rainiest month of the year in Michigan! Fall is also the time everyone seems to want to book, so dates fill up very quickly for photographers (maybe it’s those holiday cards and gifts, or maybe everyone just loves the fall season!). If you want to book in the fall, book in early summer or even spring of the year before to be sure to get the date you want.

Pros: Fall has the most beautiful golden hours of all the seasons. When you get that golden glow with the incredible color of the fall leaves, it simply cannot be beat. Fall is a great time to get those updated family photos for holiday cards. Fall temperatures are more moderate and layers can be a great outfit choice for the whole crew. And fall brings fewer vacations, the start of a new school year and more structured schedules. Just be sure to book in advance!


Two winter family portraits with beautiful cold snow falling all around them.
If you live in Michigan you either love or hate our winters (or like many of us wish it was winter for just a week or two during the holidays then hope for an early spring). Like the rest of the seasons there are advantages and disadvantages to this chilly season.

Cons: Snow is completely unpredictable – here in Michigan we can go weeks in the winter without any snow, then get an ice storm followed by 18 inches of snow. This can be difficult to predict if snow is what you’re looking for, and even more so if travel is involved once it does snow.

Pros: It’s so magical when it snows just right! Family snowball fights make for some wonderful captured memories, and snow falling can be so romantic as well. And I do have an indoor studio, so winter is a great opportunity to give studio photos a try, whether for family, seniors, engagements, boudoir, or business headshots. Winter is also a down time for most photographers, so scheduling can be so much easier and is often pretty flexible on my end.

So there you have it, each season has its own magical allure, and its drawbacks depending on what you and your family love. No matter what season you choose for your family portraits, just making that first step and booking a time is the most important thing. Lets create some beautiful memories and update those photos on your wall!

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