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October 19, 2016

John’s 3rd Birthday!

I am so grateful that this beautiful family was our neighbors for a time. John loves trains, my son and him could play with his awesome train table for hours. This train themed birthday party was a 3 year old boy’s dream come true, with train activities and toys, and the coolest part of all – an actual train ride! You can see how much John loved everything his parents and family had planned for him – his smile just says it all! Check out a few of my favorite photos from this amazing birthday party.

john-jr-lazarus-3rd-birthday-2016-2 john-jr-lazarus-3rd-birthday-2016-3 john-jr-lazarus-3rd-birthday-2016-4 john-jr-lazarus-3rd-birthday-2016-5 john-jr-lazarus-3rd-birthday-2016-6 john-jr-lazarus-3rd-birthday-2016-7 john-jr-lazarus-3rd-birthday-2016-8 john-jr-lazarus-3rd-birthday-2016-9 john-jr-lazarus-3rd-birthday-2016-10 john-jr-lazarus-3rd-birthday-2016-11 john-jr-lazarus-3rd-birthday-2016-12 john-jr-lazarus-3rd-birthday-2016-13 john-jr-lazarus-3rd-birthday-2016-14 john-jr-lazarus-3rd-birthday-2016-15 john-jr-lazarus-3rd-birthday-2016-16 john-jr-lazarus-3rd-birthday-2016-17 john-jr-lazarus-3rd-birthday-2016-18 john-jr-lazarus-3rd-birthday-2016-19 john-jr-lazarus-3rd-birthday-2016-20 john-jr-lazarus-3rd-birthday-2016-21 john-jr-lazarus-3rd-birthday-2016-22 john-jr-lazarus-3rd-birthday-2016-23 john-jr-lazarus-3rd-birthday-2016-24 john-jr-lazarus-3rd-birthday-2016-25 john-jr-lazarus-3rd-birthday-2016-26 john-jr-lazarus-3rd-birthday-2016-27 john-jr-lazarus-3rd-birthday-2016-28 john-jr-lazarus-3rd-birthday-2016-29 john-jr-lazarus-3rd-birthday-2016-30 john-jr-lazarus-3rd-birthday-2016-31 john-jr-lazarus-3rd-birthday-2016-32 john-jr-lazarus-3rd-birthday-2016-33 john-jr-lazarus-3rd-birthday-2016-34 john-jr-lazarus-3rd-birthday-2016-35 john-jr-lazarus-3rd-birthday-2016-36 john-jr-lazarus-3rd-birthday-2016-37 john-jr-lazarus-3rd-birthday-2016-38 john-jr-lazarus-3rd-birthday-2016-39 john-jr-lazarus-3rd-birthday-2016-40 john-jr-lazarus-3rd-birthday-2016-41 john-jr-lazarus-3rd-birthday-2016-42 john-jr-lazarus-3rd-birthday-2016-43 john-jr-lazarus-3rd-birthday-2016

I can’t wait to watch you grow up sweet boy, may 3 be good to you <3

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