I would love to be your photographer. I've been both in front of and behind a camera since before I can remember. Capturing genuine smiles and creating photos that will be passed down for generations is my passion. I love when my clients see their photos for the first time and truly see their beauty and light come through the images. I can't wait to hear from you and to create and capture those photos you've been dreaming of.


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November 8, 2016

Liz and Derek’s Engagement

After having to reschedule due to rainy October weather, I’m so glad this session happened when it did! It was such a beautiful and warm fall morning. Not every client is ready for a sunrise shoot, but Liz and Derek trusted me and it totally paid off. A beautiful couple, a gorgeous little girl and a sweet playful pup made this session so much fun. Enjoy some of my favorites from Liz and Derek’s engagement session!

liz-and-derek-engagement-2016-1 liz-and-derek-engagement-2016-2 liz-and-derek-engagement-2016-3 liz-and-derek-engagement-2016-4 liz-and-derek-engagement-2016-5 liz-and-derek-engagement-2016-6 liz-and-derek-engagement-2016-7 liz-and-derek-engagement-2016-8 liz-and-derek-engagement-2016-9 liz-and-derek-engagement-2016-10 liz-and-derek-engagement-2016-11 liz-and-derek-engagement-2016-12 liz-and-derek-engagement-2016-13 liz-and-derek-engagement-2016-14 liz-and-derek-engagement-2016-15 liz-and-derek-engagement-2016-16 liz-and-derek-engagement-2016-17 liz-and-derek-engagement-2016-18 liz-and-derek-engagement-2016-19 liz-and-derek-engagement-2016-20 liz-and-derek-engagement-2016-21 liz-and-derek-engagement-2016-22 liz-and-derek-engagement-2016-23 liz-and-derek-engagement-2016-24 liz-and-derek-engagement-2016-25 liz-and-derek-engagement-2016-26 liz-and-derek-engagement-2016-27 liz-and-derek-engagement-2016-28 liz-and-derek-engagement-2016-29 liz-and-derek-engagement-2016-30 Congratulations Liz and Derek!

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